The festive season is sweeping over us with cheer and hope. Goals are set, promises renewed and a decent amount of food is consumed.
Occasions doesn’t only reflects new beginnings in people’s lives, As in every new occasion people start to Re-new their dreams and hopes by recharging themselves with colorful attitude that will definitely differ and make changes.

Celebrations may vary from one region to another and we try to get the best advantage of every occasion by starting to plan each detail in it like how, with whom and the most important aspect is where we will spend it. And when it comes to a Location to start your new beginning in. there is no place that will be enough more than Egypt as fireworks, special events and organized activities are common in many regions in Egypt. and as it is the first place that was there seven thousands years ago and still existed till now having it respect, history, glory and  own culture that can’t be found any place else on earth.

Egypt has hundreds of locations to start your new chapter in, not only random chic places, Places that have witnessed millions of stories, history that will be more than happy to share it with you. And For an extra adventurer in you, the country offers a variety of exhilarating activities like sand-boarding, snorkeling, and deep-water diving. With a wide range of variety it’s a perfect destination to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year and here are some of how you can celebrate Christmas and New Year in Egypt in a totally different unique way.


First: Discover the Historical gates of the immortals “ the Giza pyramids”


it’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you can spend the festive day in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Be amazed at these mysterious architectural feats that house monumental tombs of the great kings of Egypt who are believed by the natives to be God in their afterlife. A visit here will help you explore the long-vanished world that has immaculately preserved relics depicting the lifestyle of the Egyptians who lived centuries ago. Also, walking inside through the narrow corridors admiring impeccable geometry and the enormity is going to be something completely new for you this Christmas.


Second: Cruise the Nile


One of the most special & interesting things that you can do during your Christmas and New Year holiday in Egypt is boarding a Nile Cruise in the Nile River to discover all the incredible monuments, temples, chapels in Luxor & Aswan. Enjoying all of the services & activities during Christmas and New Year will make your holiday one of its kind. You’ll be able to visit the great attractions on both the east & west banks of Luxor including Luxor, Karnak, Hatshepsut, Dandara, and Abydos Temples, in addition to the great monuments and landmarks in Aswan such as the hypnotic Temple of abu simble, Philae temple of goddess Isis, the amazing High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, Edfu & Kom Ombo, and much more amazing places you can visit during your Christmas holiday in Egypt.

Third: Get Thrill in the desert


Enjoying the festive season in the desert has its own magic that can’t be just put into words. You can experience the sandy Christmas and New Year in Egypt instead of snowy one, a golden Christmas and New Year in Egypt as a replacement for white and warm Christmas in place of a chilly one!  You can bring an end to the year as well as start the year with a bang as you have experience of the exhilaration from the adrenaline-fuelling activities.

Fourth: Discover Coptic Christianity in Egypt

Christmas and New Year in Egypt wouldn’t be the same without visiting the church and being a part of the mass. You will be amazed to see some of the oldest and most beautiful churches that are spread around the Egyptian street. From the church of Virgin Mary aka the Hanging church to St. George Church to Coptic Orthodox Church, you will be astounded to see churches with opulent interior and imposing exterior.

Fifth: Fly up in the air this New Year

What better way would there be than to start your new year in Egypt flying high up in the air completely enjoying the serenity and tranquility Egypt has to offer. Set off early in the morning to witness the glorious sight of the sunrise that will instantly take your breath away.

The aerial view of the Valley of the Kings is the answer the question of why Luxor in Egypt is one of the trending destinations to hover high and low on a thrilling hot air balloon. From ancient Egyptian temples and relics to the noble burial grounds of Pharaohs to the little-seen view of Nile River with the rural landscape, escape the swarming crowd as you begin your New Year with a great morning, that too in the company of your beloved ones!