Recently the ministry of tourism and antiques in Egypt opened four of the most magnificent new museums in the country to reflect the non-ended history that the country holds for more than 7000 years of civilization.

Each new museum function a different category of the Egyptian history that cannot be found anyplace else,  holding inside a limitless beautiful antiques and unique items that must be seen for its rareness and beauty and also to know the story behind each antique. And now let’s get deep into the newest museums description:


1- Hurghada Museum

newest opened museums in Egypt


Hurghada New Museum is the first antiquities museum in al‑Bahr al‑Ahmar (Red Sea) Governorate. It is also the first museum of its kind, in that it is the fruitful result of a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, al‑Bahr al‑Ahmar (Red Sea) Governorate, and the private sector. The construction of the museum was funded by the private sector, The museum contains 2000 artifacts that tell story of Egypt, from the Ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Jewish, to the Christian, Islamic, and Modern eras. These objects underline the museum’s theme, which is to present the concept of beauty in Egypt.


2- Sharm Elsheikh Museum


The New museum display scenario broadly reflects the different aspects of human civilization and culture in general, while shedding light specifically on ancient Egyptian civilization. This is done through a selection of historical objects that were carefully chosen from museum storage rooms.

The museum’s Grand Hall presents a history of humans and wildlife in ancient Egypt, and highlights ancient Egyptian civilization’s preoccupation with science, mathematics, industry, crafts, family life, and love for animals to the point of reverence. To showcase this point, animal the Grand Hall is where animal mummies are displayed.

In the Hall of Civilization are displayed the beautiful inner and outer coffins of Isetemheb, the wife of the high-priest of AmunPanedjem II, who was herself a priestess of Isis, Min, and Horus in Akhmim. Notable also are Isetemheb’scanopicjars,papyrus collection, cosmetics,and perfume vessels, the head of a statue of Hatshepsut, and tanagrafigurines depicting women wearing a variety of dresses, in addition to objects that display Sinai’s cultural heritage.



3- Egypt’s Capital Museum (ECM)

The New museum is located at the City of Arts and Culture in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. The museum showcasing the story of the Egyptian Capitals and its development through the history of Egypt from the oldest city capital “Memphis” to the newest capital.  The museum is one of its kind in Egypt, as it is focused mainly on the Egyptian Capitals.

Six main capitals were selected to be the highlight of display: Memphis, Thebes, Tell el Amarna, Alexandria, Islamic Cairo, and Khedival Cairo. These capitals played a significant role in Egyptian history. The museum has two main galleries; one is dedicated to the Egyptian Capitals, and the other is illustrated the ancient Egyptian beliefs and afterlife.


4- Royal Carriages Museum

The Royal carriages new Museum in Boulaq is one of the earliest of its kind worldwide, both from the prospect of the authenticity of its building and the originality of its displays. The building was particularly adapted to preserve the cultural heritage of the royal carriages and all related material dating back to the era of Mohammed Ali Dynasty.

The Museum houses a unique collection, of which the most notable are various sizes and types of royal carriages, one of the most distinguished objects in the Museum is the grand Alay Carriage, which is characterized by its finest workmanship and elaborate decoration. It was the gift of Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Empress Eugenie to Khedive Ismail on the occasion of the Suez Canal inauguration in 1869. King Faruk ordered its restoration and used it on the inauguration of the Parliament in 1942, also its contain horse riding equipments, uniforms of the Carriages Service employees, as well as oil paintings dating to the same era.

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